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There is probably no other European event that is as consistently and broadly dedicated to the topic of digitalisation as Deutsche Telekom’s aptly named DIGITAL X event. Based in Cologne, the event remains true to its location year after year, but always brings in new aspects and in 2023 presents the topics in parallel on 6 stages and in 4 Cologne districts. Sometimes technically complex, sometimes more general + easy to understand, sometimes as a participatory experience, all topics around digital were discussed / presented / designed as an experience.

Our company concentrates on software and AI development as well as robotics and thus precisely serves THE core topics of the technical revolution. As speakers, we enriched 2023 panel talks and expert discussions, while our robotic systems gave visitors the opportunity to make digitisation and its use cases tangible.

DigitalX 2003 Interactive Stage im 25 Hrs Hotel

Considering the sheer size of the event and its decentralised approach, it was all the more surprising how well organised everything was. This began several weeks beforehand with intensive video meetings and structured arrangements, rapid data exchange, networking of all the people involved, etc. Even during the Cologne days, we always had decisive contact persons at our side to remove small obstacles directly, great!

DigitalX 2023 Anfahrt und Koelner Humor

To meet the requirements, we travelled with a team of 4 human and 5 robotic colleagues, remote and software support was ready in Leipzig.

We set up our headquarters from 19 September in and in front of the 25 Hours Hotel in the heart of Cologne, amidst “bustling” preparations and palpable anticipation from all present. On the day of arrival, we spoke mainly with Telekom employees, sales people, marketing teams, organisers, event scouts, etc. about the possibilities of supporting current robotics and our common approach of using Digital X as a platform to bring people and robots closer together.

Digital X – day one – Wednesday, 20.09.

All day Promobot informed and advised visitors in the hotel, while SPOT and GO1 demonstrated their agility outdoors, animated visitors and gave us the opportunity to illustrate AI use and application scenarios of the robots. We were always closely surrounded + involved in conversations, because it makes a huge difference whether you just read about something / watch videos, or encounter robotics up close, touch them and experience them. While we offered hands-on digitalisation at the 25 Hours Hotel, we participated in the Customer Advisory Board at Osman30 on the top floor of the Köln Tower, accompanied by the patrol robot ARGUS. The expert panel addressed many specialist topics in a very concrete way, including cybercrime, network security, AI use, etc. An exchange that significantly enriched the knowledge of all those present.

And in the evening? Of course, we enjoyed the hospitality of the people of Cologne and treated ourselves to new taste experiences 🙂

Digital X – day two – Thursday, 21.09.

The main act of the day was without question our performance on the Interactive Stage. The 25 Hours Hotel with its circular atrium and its conversion into a stylish modern speaker stage provided the perfect backdrop and, in addition to the live broadcast, also offered space for a large professional audience.

On stage, Security Robotics and Arrowtec, surrounded by some of our walking and flying robots, talked about “AI-supported security via drones and robots: revolution in the protection of critical infrastructure” and made it clear once again that these systems and their unbelievably wide range of applications are not just dreams of the future and research projects, but are a living reality and are in use many times over. The talk was charmingly moderated by Ivonne Wenzel, who then took the opportunity to get up close and personal with our other robots.

Digital X 2023 - Panel Talk auf der Interactive Stage

In front of the hotel, we again experienced a lot of interest and this time presented no less than 4 robots, including the autonomous drone system BEEHIVE and the long-range patrol model ARGUS.

By far the most attention, however, was paid to PROMOBOT, a communication robot designed precisely for this close exchange, consultation and all digital check-in services. The humanoid robot is articulate and has a friendly face, making it easy for it to carry out its tasks in a “human-like” manner, to inform / discuss and, at the same time, to take selfies with the enthusiastic visitors.

Digital X 2023 - Promobot vorm 25 Hrs Hotel

Digital X – an event in a class of its own

Large, colourful, diverse, international – that was our experience of Digital X. Digitisation has long since ceased to be a niche topic and is finally also a priority at German decision-making levels. Now the desire for innovation and the willingness to use the latest software and hardware must be professionally supported and sustainably placed in the project business. When it comes to networked autonomous safety, digitalised inspections or the establishment of cost-efficient robotic solutions, our team is ready and waiting, and not just at Digital X. We are certain that the future belongs to the German decision-making level.

We are certain that the future belongs to the close cooperation of humans with robots.

Digital X 2023 - Security Robotics Team


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