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Open, modular, scalable, cascadable

Knowing that even the best hardware can only fulfil its function if the technology is given the appropriate software (intelligence), we are developers and engineers at heart: we code, tinker, test, take systems to their limits and take them beyond, in order to create a highly efficient, powerful whole from the sum of individual parts.

We develop platform solutions: open, modular, scalable, cascadable and ensure the interaction of the most diverse modules. Interfaces integrate our broad portfolio of security & service robots and enable machine-to-machine (M2M) communication of mobile and installed components with each other, with control centres of all kinds and their software.

While the modules of the platform solution such as ROI serve as the core element of the integration and also form the underlying network for a communication, the robots themselves also have highly developed “brains”. Depending on the model, one or more computing units are on board, which, in addition to navigation, the calculation and partial evaluation of camera and sensor data, naturally also ensure autonomy. Routines and algorithms provide the 100% reliable basis for use, and AI components allow the robot to constantly learn, understand and deal with situations, for example, efficiently avoid obstacles, react to events more quickly and reliably.

Scheme of an integrative security solution


Autonomous Center of Unified Digital Actors – Core of all Security Robotics innovations. Integrates all IoT devices + robotic solutions and expands their features and areas of application.


Normalisation of alarm formats, which collects the information from different activators, “translates” it, compares it, standardises it and passes it on as a bundled signal. Status comparison of all IoT devices and transfer to control centre, staff, etc.


Our reliable & ongoing support in the service format guarantees the trouble-free operation of all systems and their supply with security updates, new features and module versions in the long term.

Different software modules function independently as part of the platform solution and are specialised in certain (partial) aspects. Depending on the task, we use the necessary modules, which mesh perfectly like a well-oiled clockwork. This clockwork represents the core of the platform and all interfaces, IoT, components in the network and external systems such as control centres are connected to it and layer upon layer around this core.

To ensure optimal functionality at all times and to provide the customer with security + stability updates and feature upgrades in rotation, we offer our software exclusively in the SaaSSoftware as a Service model.

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FAQ – Software as a Service (SaaS)

How do customers benefit from the openness, modularity and scalability of modern software platforms?

The SaaS model offers seamless integration of various software modules into the platform solution. This enables efficient communication between robots, mobile and installed components as well as external systems such as control centres. Customers benefit from comprehensive machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and can seamlessly integrate safety & service robots into their existing systems. The SaaS model supports smooth implementation and ensures optimal cooperation between all components.

The modules function like a well-oiled clockwork that interlocks and enables a customised implementation of safety & service robots. This creates focussed, future-proof solutions that adapt to their individual needs.

What does SaaS (Software as a Service) mean in the area of platform solutions?

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is revolutionizing the way software is delivered. In platform solutions, this model allows users to access best-in-class software without having to worry about purchasing and maintaining software licenses. This service-oriented approach ensures continuous updates, improved security and easy access to new features, resulting in flexible and cost-effective use. Security Robotics continuously optimizes its own solutions such as ACUDA and therefore consistently relies on a scalable SaaS solution.

Why is software often offered in the SaaS model?

The increasingly frequent exclusive provision of software in the SaaS model offers users a number of advantages. In addition to continuous support, this model enables flexible and scalable utilisation without having to make high initial investments. The permanent availability of security updates, new features and module versions ensures sustainable utilisation and adaptation to changing requirements.

How does the Software as a Service (SaaS) model ensure the trouble-free operation of technology solutions?

The SaaS model guarantees continuous and reliable operation of technology solutions. Permanent support in the service format not only ensures trouble-free processes, but also regular security updates, the implementation of new features and the updating of module versions. This proactive maintenance ensures that the technology solutions are always up to date and fulfil the highest security standards.

How does communication between different types of robots and IoT devices work?

The platform solution enables intelligent machine-to-machine (M2M) communication between a variety of mobile and installed components, including various robots and IoT devices. This seamless communication creates a connected environment in which devices can efficiently exchange information, resulting in improved coordination and optimised performance.