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The Security Robotics team – energetic and dynamic

Security Robotics - Aleksej Tokarev -CEO and founder

Aleksej Tokarev | Co-Founder and CEO

Visionary and strong leader

Mr Tokarev is one thing above all: visionary. His farsightedness and his ability to foresee technical developments and derive realistic use cases from them led him – together with others – to found the company Security Robotics. As CEO, he manages the start-up and is also very involved in education, for example as a lecturer at the University of Cooperative Education.

As a bachelor of arts, he has deep knowledge in the field of SCADA development and brought his expertise to various projects before Security Robotics. As part of an innovation team, he supported autonomous driving projects to market. When it comes to the digital networking of robotic and IoT systems, he draws on his exquisite expertise in machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.

Solution-oriented, as a leading computer scientist, he is involved in the development of our software solutions such as ACUDA, ROI and NUCRON and also contributes to the hardware optimisation of robotic systems. In this way, together with his team, he creates the technical prerequisites for the use of robots on site.

Security Robotics_Alexander Hronik_CEO finance

Alexander Hronik | financeexpert

Integer and loyal

Mr. Hronik is a experienced business / economic consultant and tax expert and supports our start-up in all financial matters in his function as managing director.

Security Robotics - Marcel Auerbach - project management

Marcel Auerbach | projectmanager

Intuitive and inspiring

Mr Auerbach holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and, thanks to his strong scientific background, forms an important interface in the intensive communication with manufacturers, partners and customers. He virtuously handles the multitude of parallel tasks in project management and maintains an overview at all times. His tireless and positive manner inspires all those involved and fits in perfectly with the pioneering spirit of the company.

As an IT specialist, computer scientist and innovation manager, his core tasks also include the further development and adaptation of robotic systems. When integrating security technology on site, he scores with his technical expertise and extensive practical experience.

Security Robotics - Vladimir Gulewig - quality management

Vladimir Gulewig | qualitymanager

Accurate and reliable

When it comes to removing technical obstacles, adapting payloads, when craftsmanship and “magic” are required, Vladimir’s hour has come. Thanks to his thorough manner, every customer can be sure to receive optimally prepared hardware, because quality is his top priority. Experienced in data protection, standards and technical guidelines, he is the perfect person for quality management.

Security Robotics - Michael Engel- marketing and communication manager

Michael Engel | communicationmanager

Eloquent and convincing

As a pioneer in the market, Security Robotics is also the focus of attention for companies, market companions, the press and, of course, politics. At trade fairs, events and functions, it is therefore important to find the right words, to answer questions from media representatives and to communicate the company’s vision and mission to all interested parties. Whether on the web, on social media channels, for trade magazines, PR or other digital and print publications, when it comes to the right formulated messages, Michael Engel’s skills come into play. If you have questions about the company or would like to get in touch, he is your man.