four-legged all-rounder spot

SPOT – the allrounder

flexible indoor & outdoor expert for small to medium-sized areas

SPOT – a walking robot with impressive flexibility

The four-legged robot from Security Robotics delivers the highest precision in security patrols, measurements on installations and access control. Thanks to AI algorithms and big data analysis, it gets better with every use.

Its greatest strength: thanks to its design, it can move in almost any terrain. And it has often proven that it is resilient – for example on various oil platforms and in the contaminated danger zone of Chernobyl.

Data sheet for Spot (Download PDF)

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 840x500x1100 (BxHxL) mm (without Payloads)
  • Weight: 32,5 Kg
  • Velocity: 5,76 km/h
  • IP-Schutz: IP54
  • Operation temperature range: -20°C bis 45°C
  • Operation time: 90 minutes
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Cameras: Stereo Cameras 360°
  • Maximum payload: 14 kg
  • Additional modul: LIDAR
  • Additional modul: PTZ Camera
  • Additional modul: 3-axis Arm with grip-function
  • Additional modul: thermal camera

Customised Service from Security Robotics

  • Installation / adjustment of various camera and hardware components
  • Connection to customer software
  • Connection to the customer’s control centre

    • Custom software programming
    • Integration of the robot on the object
    • 24/7-Support for your Robots


    Safely on the move on all surfaces, in difficult terrain, up and down stairs.


    Withstands extreme conditions and remains fully functional when used in high heat and freezing cold.

    All seeing

    On-board and payload cameras with high-resolution 360° panoramic view, zoom, night vision, object detection.


    Flexible mounting of sensors, cameras, etc. with a maximum total load of 14 kg.


    Maintains a permanent connection to connected emergency call and service control centres, as well as systems integrated into the network.


    Acts autonomously & according to stored parameters on defined routes and recharges itself independently at stations.


    Avoids collisions thanks to dynamic reaction to obstacles and has integrated impact protection.


    AI-supported dynamic algorithms ensure optimised autonomous behaviour.

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    FAQ – Allrounder Spot

    In which scenarios has SPOT already performed successfully?

    SPOT has proven its resilience by being used successfully on oil platforms and in hazardous environments such as the Chernobyl zone. We also have experience in dense forest terrain and jungles. Walking robots are just as often used in industrial plants as research facilities, for patrols as well as demonstration purposes and generally as a particularly stable and reliable robotic platform whose potential utilisation scenarios seem endless.

    What do you need to know about the maintenance of walking robots like Spot?

    Regular hardware and software checks are standard. In addition to the remote evaluation of all system data, check-ups are also carried out on site and the robot itself, its payload equipment and charging station are cleaned and checked. Software updates, security patches and the implementation of new features are also carried out completely by us.

    Security Robotics offers structured maintenance services, including hotline/remote support, regular maintenance cycles and, if necessary, on-site services by accredited technicians. The aim is to guarantee optimum operational readiness at all times.

    What degree of autonomy does the Spot walking robot have?

    SPOT operates completely autonomously and follows predefined routes, with dynamic algorithms and AI support ensuring optimised autonomous behaviour. It is possible to switch flexibly between the routes, and the immediate reaction to events can also be defined. After checking a sensor alarm, the robot then returns to its route independently. Thanks to permanent networking, it is of course possible to adapt tasks + routes in real time without having to work on the robot itself on site. Spot can recharge itself independently at charging stations and therefore remains ready for use for hours.

    In which environments can a walking robot like Spot be used most effectively?

    SPOT shows its effectiveness in a variety of environments, on rough construction sites, in industrial plants, logistics areas, between railway tracks, but also in buildings, even exotic environments such as jungles. Thanks to its all-terrain mobility and robustness, it can be used indoors, up and down stairs, in narrow corridors or on uneven, difficult terrain, making it a versatile all-rounder. The design and AI-assisted agility allows the platform to cope with all types of surfaces, whether slippery, muddy, dusty, wet, firm, grassy, scree etc.