Security Robotics portfolio of walking robots

Walking robots: four legs and countless applications

All-terrain, ideal for small to medium-sized areas

Walking robots – impressively agile and flexible

Most walking robots are 4-legged models that move anatomically like a dog and are roughly the same size. This comparison is also apt in that these robots are similarly agile and cross-country, i.e. they can also climb stairs and cross obstacles.

Already highly efficient with on-board resources, the walking robots can be adapted to a wide variety of situations and scenarios, as required in the security, maintenance and facility management sectors, thanks to different payloads.

We intensively test the most promising models of the top international manufacturers and optimise them for specific customer requirements. Our team is always at the cutting edge when it comes to walking robots.We are currently using 2 models in order to be able to offer safety concepts in a technical and attractively priced manner:

3 different walking robots
2 walking robots goes together

Customised service from Security Robotics

  • Installation / adjustment of various camera and hardware components
  • Connection to customer software
  • Connection / connection to the customer’s control centre
  • Custom software programming
  • Integration of the robot on the object
  • 24/7-Support for your Robots

Features of walking robots


Safe on the move, even on all surfaces, difficult terrain, up and down stairs.


Withstands extreme conditions and remains fully functional when used in high heat and freezing cold.

All seeing

On-board and payload cameras with high-resolution 360° panoramic view, zoom, night vision, object detection.


Flexible mounting of sensors, cameras etc. with a maximum total load of 14 kg (Spot) / 4 kg (Go1).


Maintains a permanent connection to cemergency call and service control centres, as well as systems integrated into the network.


Acts autonomously & according to stored parameters on defined routes and recharges itself at stations (Spot only).


Avoids collisions thanks to dynamic reaction to obstacles and has integrated impact protection.


AI-supported dynamic algorithms ensure optimised autonomous behaviour.

SPOT created by

link to Boston Dynamics

GO1 created by

link to unitree robotics

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