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Robots as a Service (RaaS)

Networking of intelligent robotic systems

There is no such thing as THE all-in-one solution that can do everything and fits everything. The intelligent combination of features of different models, their adapted equipment/technical modules and finally the integral robot-to-robot networking results in precisely that added value which makes robotic systems an indispensable component of any concept anywhere in the world.

Robots fulfil a multitude of different tasks in the service and safety sector. When receiving, communicating with and controlling visitors, for example, the reception robot is only active indoors and in a limited area. Weather resistance and speed do not play a role. In contrast, perimeter surveillance units are only active outdoors, reliably patrolling extensive areas, even in the dark and on different surfaces. Therefore, we use different types of drives, speeds and movement profiles, depending on the purpose: moving, running, hovering.

Robots in your hand

If required, all robot models used can also be controlled manually. By simply switching, control is transferred to the user, the system interrupts its previous routine and all functions can be used fully & remotely. This also includes access to the sensors or camera control. Moving a robot is relatively easy to learn and can be done, for example, by using an analogue controller, which literally puts very finely tuned control options and many functions into the user’s hands.

Security & service robots, which are offered by Security Robotics as a platform solution, always represent a mixture of sophisticated state-of-the-art technology and the greatest possible flexibility in order to meet every customer requirement and project. In addition, it is important for us to be able to adapt and expand the standard loadout, e.g. to integrate additional cameras and sensors, inspection technology, loudspeakers, lights, etc., to integrate them into our platform and thus meet all customer requirements.

Just as with software, i.e. SaaS, we consider the integration/support of security & service robots as a recurring, ongoing service, i.e. RaaS – Robots as a Service. Only in this way can we guarantee exactly the level of support that is required.

Would you like to see our robot solutions up close and personal, acting as a team? Do you already have certain application scenarios in mind, eager to find out whether and which models are best suited for them? Then don’t hesitate any longer and contact us!

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flexibel patrolling

Four-legged robots, all-terrain, flexible, for small to medium-sized areas

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flying robots

Drone systems, terrain-independent for medium to large areas

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long range robots

Wheel-driven robots, all-terrain and for medium to large areas

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Digital reception service, multilingual, stationary, versatile, multifunctional

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FAQ – Robot as a Service (RaaS)

How does the integration of robots into existing safety infrastructures work?

The integration of robotic systems – including rented systems – into existing security infrastructures is carried out in close cooperation with the provider. This includes the customisation of interfaces, the configuration of communication protocols and coordination with existing monitoring systems. Through professional integration, companies can ensure that the robotic systems are seamlessly integrated into their existing security architecture.

Are rented security robots also prepared individually for companies?

Robotic systems that are used as a RaaS model are tailored to the specific requirements of a company through adjustments to software, sensors and deployment strategies. The provider works closely with the company to understand individual security needs and adapt the robotic systems accordingly. This ensures a tailor-made solution that is precisely tailored to the needs of the company.

How quickly can a hired security robot be put into operation?

The commissioning of rented robotic systems takes place quickly and is supported by the provider to ensure a smooth start. The process includes delivery of the systems, installation, configuration and staff training. Thanks to preparatory measures on the part of the provider, operational readiness can be achieved within a short time so that companies can quickly benefit from the safety advantages.

What are the advantages of renting robotic systems compared to buying them?

Renting robotic systems offers several advantages over buying, including lower entry costs, flexible terms, continuous updates, professional maintenance and the ability to utilise the latest technology without making large capital investments. This enables companies to utilise modern security solutions cost-effectively without making permanent/long-term commitments. In the Robot as a Service (RaaS) concept, these benefits are offered in an efficient package and realised at favourable monthly flat rates for the customer.

In which scenarios is the hire of robotic security systems particularly recommended?

The rental of robotic security systems as a so-called Robot as a Service (RaaS) concept is particularly recommended for companies that require a flexible and scalable security solution. This can apply to temporary events, seasonal security requirements or projects with short-term security needs. Renting allows companies to utilise the exact amount of security resources they need without making long-term commitments. If the complete maintenance and service cannot and should not be provided by the customer company, RaaS is also an option, as all costs incurred are included in a fixed monthly rental price.