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Robotics for security and maintenance

Autonomous, AI-supported and integrated robotic system solutions

Security Robotics offers the complete range of robotic systems. We rely on different manufacturers products and different drive systems, always making sure that we can provide the right technical hardware for every customer requirement and every scenario. When selecting products, we make sure that they are established, proven and technically mature products that are constantly being further developed and supported by the manufacturer. In this way, we guarantee the availability of wear and spare parts as well as sustainable, future-proof use by the customer.

We currently use 4 types of robotic solutions, each comprising one or more robot types, which – thanks to payloads – can also be tailored and adapted to their respective tasks. Even in the standard layout, the models are absolute specialists and strong, for example, in patrolling, perimeter protection, reception service, alarm verification, maintenance and measurement tasks.

flexibel patrolling

Four-legged robots, all-terrain, flexible, for small to medium-sized areas

Walking robot Spot

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flying robots

Drone systems, terrain-independent for medium to large areas.

Flying robot Beehive

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long range robots

Wheel-driven robots, all-terrain and for medium to large areas.

Wheel driven robot Promobot

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Digital reception service, multilingual, stationary, versatile, multifunctional

Communication robot Promobot

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FAQ – Products

What role does the technological development of security robots play?

Continually staying up to date is a market-determining and technological necessity. Although the products used are based on proven technologies, there is ongoing investment in research and development to ensure that robotic security solutions are always at the forefront of technological innovation.

This strategic direction makes it possible to not only meet the changing needs of customers, but also to advance the speed of evolution of security technology. Integrating state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), advanced sensors and intelligent software algorithms ensures that security robots not only meet current standards, but also anticipate future challenges.

How flexible are autonomous security robots in terms of individual adjustments?

Instead of standardized solutions, a modular structure was used in order to be able to make precise customer adjustments. Within a project, different models and modules can be combined to create tailor-made solutions. This ranges from specific sensor installations to tailor-made communication systems and individual design adjustments. This flexibility allows our customers to be confident that their security robotics are tailored precisely to their needs, be it in terms of patrol patterns, deployment scenarios or specific technological requirements.

Modern providers also work with continuous updates and improvements. This means that as needs change or security standards evolve, customers can easily adapt their systems without having to rely on outdated technology. The high flexibility in adaptation and development makes the robotic systems a future-proof investment for a diverse range of security requirements.

What types of robotic solutions are used in the security industry?

A variety of robotic solutions are used, including four-legged robots for flexible patrolling in small to medium-sized areas, drone systems for terrain-independent surveillance in medium-sized to large areas, wheeled robots with all-terrain capability for medium-sized to large areas and communicators as a digital reception service with versatile and multifunctional functions. Drive types, equipment options and sensor technology are constantly evolving and, if suitable, are finding their way into the portfolio of security robotics companies.