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your communication robot -friendly, autonomous, intelligent

Promobot – digital reception service in use

Your friendly communication robot

The friendly robot receives visitors at eye level, covers distances autonomously and has the latest technology on board. In addition, it reacts to movements and makes uncomplicated visitor registration possible – thanks to software that suits your needs, a touchpad and an integrated printer. In this way, it creates visitor passes and ID cards.
The digital reception service has the world’s most spoken languages on board and helps you with automated access management for buildings, ensures friendly check-in, ID verification of your visitors on site and is a signpost with eye-catching character.

Data sheet (Download PDF)

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 1566 x 2082 x 730 (HxBxL) mm
  • Charge time: 10 St. über Ladestation / 8 St. Kabel
  • Working time: 8 St.
  • Velocity: 0,3 km/h
  • Face recognition: CMOS 1/2.8“, bis 25 (30) fps, Auflösung 1920×1080 / Videokonferenz Modus: bis 30 fps, Auflösung 640×480
  • Microfon: Omnidirecrional
  • Speaker: 2 x 25 Watt
  • Display: 10.1“ Touchscreen, 1280×720
  • Speach modul: german, english
  • Modul: Barcode reader
  • Modul: Card dispenser (for plastic cards)
  • Modul: Fotoprinter
  • Modul:                                                                              Receipt / Coupon Printer

Customised Service from Security Robotics

  • Installation / adjustment of various camera and hardware components
  • Connection to customer software
  • Connection / connection to the customer’s control centre
  • Custom software programming
  • Integration of the robot on the object
  • 24/7-Support for your Robots


Responds to people, understands and communicates in many languages.


Touch display, temperature scanner, printer for visitor badges and “on-board” card dispenser


Comprehensive, secure and encrypted, transaction service with receipt output


Ready for use for hours and autonomously charging, ideal for reception services and check-ins

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FAQ – Communication robot

What additional functions and equipment are possible for communication robots?

Various advanced modules are integrated into the sophisticated humanoid systems. These include barcode readers, card dispensers, photo printers and receipt/coupon printers. These modules enable a wide range of functions, from issuing personalised plastic cards to generating receipts and coupons for transactions and visits.

On-board payment terminals are designed to be highly secure. They offer comprehensive encryption and security standards to ensure protected transactions. This guarantees that payment processes remain secure & confidential and fulfil the relevant data protection guidelines.

Robots such as a Promobot also serve as effective signposts. With their touch displays and multifunctional modules, they can display detailed directions, visitor information and other relevant details. They are able to act as interactive maps or information terminals to guide visitors through building complexes and provide important information.

Can communication robots operate effectively in noisy environments?

These robots are equipped with advanced audio technologies, including omnidirectional microphones and powerful speakers. These technologies enable clear communication, even in noisy environments. Precise noise cancellation allows them to respond effectively to spoken requests and give instructions. Thanks to the touch display and directly accessible information, several communication channels are also available in parallel.

What advantages do communication robots offer compared to conventional reception services?

Sophisticated communication robots offer a number of advantages compared to conventional reception services. These include an always friendly reception at eye level, automated access management for buildings, multilingual communication, as well as a variety of interactions, such as digital check-in services, that go beyond the possibilities of conventional reception services. Thanks to their multifunctionality, they can fulfil various tasks simultaneously, which increases efficiency and added value for companies.

In which languages can communication robots communicate?

Modern systems such as Promobot are multilingual and generally speak the most widely spoken languages in the world. This enables a broad communication capability to address visitors from different regions. This includes languages such as English, German, Spanish, French and many others. Depending on the task, conversation routines are implemented and language databases are customised to ensure a natural, fluent conversation or targeted information transfer.

In which areas are communication robots used?

Communication robots are used in a variety of environments and industries to support human-oriented tasks and take over routine tasks and digitalised processes. Examples include

Reception services in companies: Communication robots are used as digital reception services in companies to greet visitors in a friendly manner, provide information and facilitate the check-in process.

Retail: In shopping centres and retail shops, communication robots can help customers search for products, provide product information and communicate special offers.

Healthcare: In hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, communication robots can act as information sources, guide patients to the right departments and provide basic health information.

Hotels and hospitality: Communication robots can act as a concierge service in hotels, providing guests with information about facilities and services and helping with check-in and check-out processes.

Transport hubs: At airports, train stations or bus stations, communication robots can help travellers find their way, provide flight or timetable information and communicate safety guidelines.

Educational institutions: In schools and universities, communication robots can serve as interactive teaching assistants, convey information to pupils and help with organisational tasks.

Events and trade fairs: At events and trade fairs, communication robots can serve as information points, provide visitor guidance and support exhibitors with their presentations.

Banks and financial services: In bank branches, communication robots can assist customers with simple transactions, provide basic financial information and manage queues.

Tourism industry: In tourist regions or tourist attractions, communication robots can act as tour guides, provide visitors with historical information and suggest routes.

Entertainment sector: Communication robots can be used in theme parks, casinos or event venues for entertainment purposes to amuse guests and provide them with information.