As the most important event in the security industry, security Essen is the highlight of every autumn trade fair and in 2022 it once again proved the enormous importance of the multi-day trade event. As an innovation driver in the field of networked robotic systems, it was not a question of whether we would present our portfolio in the Ruhr metropolis, but how.

Supported by the BMWK, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, our start-up was part of the joint presentation of the “Young Innovative Companies”, the ideal setting to present our portfolio of the 4 product solutions: wheel-driven patrol robot ARGUS, drone system BEEHIVE, four-legged walking robots of the models SPOT and Go1, as well as the reception and communication model PROMOBOT in the best possible and highly visible way.

If you want to talk about mobile systems, it goes without saying that you also have to show them in action, i.e. not to present theoretical information and static exhibits, but to demonstrate their mobility live with the robots at the stand and on short tours through the halls. Thanks to the automatic charging stations of each model, we had fully operational robots for the entire duration of the trade fair and were thus able to make excursions to other areas of the trade fair grounds, for example.

” Networked robotics and AI are your future.”

The importance of this was already evident on day 1 of the fair, which was dedicated to a clear theme as the day of training and further education. Supported by the BDSW, the Federal Association of the Security Industry, and under the patronage of the Federal Minister of Education and Research, Mrs. Bettina Stark-Watzinger, Member of the German Bundestag, not only were the best trainees honoured for their achievements, but above all the developments in the industry were discussed. Our CEO, Aleksej Tokarev, gave a lecture together with Prof. Dr. Andre Röhl from the NBS Northern Business School on the topic: “Ironman was yesterday. How robots can really support work in the security industry and the opportunities they offer.” in front of hundreds of participants in the hall, which was filled to capacity, and attracted a lot of attention, also thanks to the vividly presented robots, which we of course steered across the entire trade fair to the stage.

The fact that a lecture like this is only the starting signal, that it encourages people to think and that the topic struck a chord was proven by the highly engaged discussion that followed. The large number of questions showed that even the trainees are aware of the necessity of increased use of technology. All those present therefore did not talk about whether, but how and through which deployment scenarios demographic change can be countered. All participants actively participated in the question quiz that accompanied the lecture, and the best and fastest were also able to enjoy valuable prizes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Martin Hildebrandt and Mr. Frank Schimmel from the BDSW, as well as Prof. Dr. Röhl from the NBS for the successful organisation and implementation of the Training and Further Education Day.

We think it is the right approach to involve young people in these topics, as they are the ones who will use their strength and knowledge and digital technology in the coming years to master the challenges of the future.

Omnipresent at the trade fair stand and in the media

But what did it look like at the stand itself? Shortly after the doors opened, the first curious visitors arrived in Hall 5 and even though we were temporarily present with less technology, this did not dampen interest. In addition to exhibitors and trade visitors, it was above all the press that came to see us on these days. Sat.1NRW, the Rheinische Post, N-TV, representatives of various trade publishers such as VDI-Nachrichten, Schlütersche, Wiley, Security-Blogs etc. let us inform them about the latest developments and dared to come into close contact with the robots. They filmed, photographed, streamed and reported. We are happy to face this attention and interview requests, true to our slogan “We lead the way!” we would like to contribute with our knowledge to a better understanding of digitalised networked security solutions.

Because together we are stronger – living partnerships

We realise demanding projects in close cooperation with our strong partners and therefore it was only natural to demonstrate joint services at security Essen. For example, we presented mobile solutions at the Dussmann Group stand and explained their wide range of applications, met with representatives of the CIBORIUS Gruppe for project discussions, specified training objectives between NBS and the Security Robotics Academy or talked about innovative developments with the Swiss start-up Ascento Robotics. This close exchange, constructive feedback and agile project management are crucial in order to be able to take on a pioneering role in the emerging market for mobile robotic solutions.

“Our vision is to revolutionise the security sector by connecting technology, people and robotics.”

In addition to all the planned appointments and activities, it was above all the amount of concrete technical questions, technical interest, ideas for new areas of application and forms of cooperation that confirmed that we are active in the market with the right approaches.

We reported on the highly exciting interaction of video towers, perimeter sensors and our autonomous drone systems, a security approach that aroused great interest and which will soon be followed by the first live projects.

We also received a lot of attention from the industry, which has tasks to solve in the maintenance area and can meet preventive fire protection with robotic systems, for example. We presented our solutions for reliable, automatic and recordable visual inspections, the reading of displays, the search for heat sources, gas leaks and radiation leaks, etc. and met with enormous demand.

Our colleagues were involved in technical discussions all day long at the stand and in the halls, explaining the possible applications of mobile robots, the advantages of the completely integrated software platform ACUDA, and providing concrete advice to trade visitors, potential customers and partners on their individual use cases. Because we come up with ideas together, these intensive conversations opened up new paths and industries for us.

The fact that our preparatory work is not in vain and that media coverage is already considerable for a start-up was also shown by the fact that several entrepreneurs deliberately made their way to Essen just because of us, curious to get to know the team and the mobile robotic solutions. Political VIPs, namely State secretary Daniela Lesmeister from the Ministry of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia, also visited our stand with a delegation.

On the last day of the fair, there was a special encounter, because our SPOT unexpectedly met a fellow robot. For all visitors it was a highlight to watch the two robots, for us a welcome opportunity to exchange ideas with other users of the Boston Dynamics model.


Our innovative technology generated attention. And even if some visitors only stopped at first because they were fascinated by the elegant movement profile of the SPOT walking robot, every resulting conversation, every exchange confirmed that there is an enormous demand for networked safety technology with autonomous systems. Many very specific project requirements were sent to us by end customers from a wide range of industries. So it is high time for service providers to immediately and intensively deal with the topic of robotics in order to meet the new technical requirements of a tender. The support of experts and, for example, trained concept teams will bring the decisive advantage. Because hesitating now means being out of the project business in a few years.

Exciting weeks will follow for Security Robotics after the Essen fair: Taking feedback into account, responding to enquiries, holding concrete talks and initiating projects with end customers in the TOP sectors of the automotive & supplier industry, energy producers & critical infrastructure, chemical & manufacturing industry, etc.

In one sentence? The time is ripe for networked fully digital solutions!


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