13. Mar 2024

Spot, developed by Boston Dynamics, is a versatile walking robot that is particularly suitable for use in small to medium-sized areas. With impressive flexibility, it performs precision patrols in security, measurements on installations and access control. Equipped with AI algorithms and big data analysis, Spot continuously improves with every deployment.

Its adaptability is evident in almost any terrain, and its resilience has already been proven in challenging environments such as oil platforms and the Chernobyl danger zone.

Spot’s technical features include stereo cameras for a 360° all-round view, a speed of 5.76 km/h and additional modules such as LIDAR, PTZ camera, a 3-axis arm with gripping function and a thermal imaging camera. It is all-terrain, temperature-resistant and resilient, can be equipped with various sensors and remains flexible with a maximum total load of 14 kg. Spot is also networked, autonomous, alert and intelligent, thanks to AI-supported dynamic algorithms for optimized autonomous behaviour.