Spot mit FLUKE SV600

FLUKE SV600, a fixed acoustic camera, is revolutionizing safety and monitoring with its ability to detect, locate and visualize air and gas leaks as well as changes in sound signatures. This technology, originally developed for industrial applications to minimize disruption and energy waste, is now finding innovative applications in safety monitoring, especially when mounted on mobile robots such as Boston Dynamics’ Spot®.

Security and Inspection Applications

In today’s security and surveillance technologies, detecting and preventing unauthorized access or intrusion is a key challenge. The use of the FLUKE SV600 in mobile robots opens up new horizons in surveillance technology. By integrating this acoustic camera into mobile devices, security services can monitor areas that were previously difficult to access due to access restrictions or potential hazards. 64 sunflower-shaped digital MEMS microphones and a built-in visual camera provide 24/7 surveillance by collecting and processing acoustic data in real time.

Monitoring sensor for intruder identification

The FLUKE SV600’s ability to visualize acoustic data proves particularly valuable when identifying intruders or unauthorized access. SoundMap technology translates detected sounds into a visual representation, quickly alerting security personnel to potential risks. Changes in sound signature caused by human activity or the opening and closing of doors and windows can be detected and localized long before visual confirmation.

Benefits of automation and integration

The fully automated and integrated FLUKE SV600 solution minimizes operator intervention and increases the efficiency of monitoring processes. The ability to collect data from hard-to-reach or hazardous areas without risk to employees is a key advantage. In addition, real-time monitoring of changes in noise characteristics can prevent unplanned maintenance and optimize equipment performance.

Application on mobile robots

Installing the FLUKE SV600 on mobile robots such as Boston Dynamics’ Spot® greatly expands the monitoring and inspection capabilities. Spot® can perform automated scanning and inspection in areas that are difficult for humans to reach, providing limitless data collection. The combination of Spot® mobility and SV600 acoustic imaging enables continuous monitoring, providing real-time visual and acoustic data.

Future Prospects

The integration of the FLUKE SV600 into safety and inspection processes promises to significantly improve preventive maintenance and safety monitoring. By visualizing the inaudible and invisible, it offers a new dimension of data collection that goes far beyond traditional methods. The adaptability and extensibility of this technology offer promising prospects for the future of industrial safety and monitoring.

Overall, the use of the FLUKE SV600 in mobile robots for safety and monitoring purposes represents a significant advancement in the use of acoustic imaging technology. By detecting and visualizing sound signatures, they help to better manage safety risks and improve plant safety.


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