Kopter-Profi und Security Robotics schließen Sicherheitspartnerschaft

Expertise meets innovative spirit: optimal solutions for the security sector

The rapid development of technology has also opened up new perspectives in the security sector. Robotic systems are on the move on land, water and in the air. Drones in particular are now part of everyday life and are used in a variety of ways. In the professional sector, especially for security tasks, unmanned aerial vehicles are a lightning-fast means of reaction and are therefore being used more and more frequently.

Those who know and observe the necessary rules and start using them with highly trained personnel can achieve long-term quality improvements with these sustainable surveillance solutions.

The co-operation between Kopter-Profi and Security Robotics presents itself as a forward-looking alliance that addresses the needs of companies and security service providers on the one hand and strict compliance with all legal requirements on the other.

Copter professional: excellent expertise in drone technology


Kopter-Profi GmbH provides remote pilots with comprehensive support and offers theoretical training, practical training and the acquisition of official drone licences. Kopter-Profi has not only established itself as one of the first providers of drone training, but was also the first brokerage house in Germany to specialise in drone insurance.

Kopter-Profi’s innovative strength is reflected in the continuous development of its offerings, constant adaptation to new legal frameworks and consideration of technical innovations. In addition to a wide range of drone insurance policies, drone operators and remote pilots have been receiving competent and friendly support since 2012.

Drones in the security sector: more than just flying eyes


Drones have become indispensable tools in the security industry. Their flexibility, speed and wide range of applications make them valuable resources for surveillance and security tasks. From aerial image analysis to monitoring large areas, drones significantly optimise the efficiency of security measures.

The use of drones in the security sector is revolutionising surveillance and protection measures. Faster response times, precise situational awareness and the ability to monitor hard-to-reach locations make drones an invaluable tool for security service providers.

Security Robotics stands out as a pioneer in the intelligent application of drones for security purposes. As part of a networked security architecture, drones are used completely autonomously for aerial patrols, inspection flights or as a lightning-fast response tool.

Rule-compliant use is a MUST

The lawful use of these systems requires strict compliance with regulations as they apply in the European Union, the respective state and, of course, on company premises. In addition, there are special regulations in the vicinity of KRITIS areas, such as power generators, hospitals, transmitters, airports, etc. Remote pilots must therefore obtain driving licences, take out insurance, rely on trained pilots and obtain official approvals before they are allowed to become active at all.

During the operation itself, there are also data protection regulations such as the observance of personal rights and a ban on camera streaming and other sensory recording for certain (private and public) areas.

The comprehensive training and insurance required for drone use will therefore be professionally supported by our partner Kopter-Profi in future. This will allow Security Robotics to focus on its core competences while ensuring the highest safety standards.

Not an optional extra but a necessity:
the drone driving licence for NSL security experts

We give modern emergency call and service control centres, such as those used by security service providers and large companies as central control points and for the coordination of networked security technologies, the opportunity to integrate and use drone systems such as BEEHIVE. In order to be able to actively use and control these flying robots and experience their added value, it is now mandatory to obtain a suitable drone driving licence. After all, what use is the most innovative technology if nobody can or is allowed to operate it on site?

Discounts for customers: The fruits of co-operation

The cooperation not only enables an increase in efficiency and security, but also opens up financial benefits. Exclusive discounts for customers who want to improve their expertise through training at the Kopter Profi Academy and use drone systems from Security Robotics are made possible by the cooperation with Kopter Profi. This partnership opens up the opportunity to pass on the benefits of the co-operation directly to Security Robotics customers.

Conclusion: Redefining security – future-proof solutions through pioneering alliances


The close collaboration between Kopter Profi and Security Robotics promises a pioneering integration of drone technology in the security sector. The combination of experience, expertise and innovative solutions positions this cooperation as the key to optimising security measures. Companies and security service providers looking for forward-looking solutions will find a reliable basis for the use of drones in the security sector in this partnership.


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