3...2...1...ARGUS ready for patrolling

The Innovation Days, our three-day event, are behind us. And while some colleagues dismantled its components such as tents, fences and other technology, our software specialists and integrators returned to their tasks, unloading large wooden boxes and freeing a duo of brand new ARGUS wheeled robots from their transport locks.

June was a turbulent month for us, full of events, developer meetings, project deadlines, etc. and July promises to be just as exciting, with a clear focus on project business, i.e. providing services for and with 2 well-known new customers.

One of the core tasks of Security Robotics is to adapt robotic systems to customer-specific requirements. To this end, freshly arrived robots are assembled, set up, loaded, tested on the hardware side and updated, networked, tested and adjusted on the software side.

This is what is currently happening with the optimised versions of ARGUS, the perfect model for all long-range patrols. The latest generation comes with improved acoustic systems, expanded sensor technology, network and antenna technology.

After unpacking and assembling, a lot of time goes into adjustment, setting and testing tasks. Of course, all models used in the customer’s range must survive extensive test drives, during which we closely examine and calibrate all aspects of the drive, orientation, sensor technology, data connectivity, cameras, and so on.

On our company premises, there are all kinds of possibilities, i.e. different surfaces, ground conditions, obstacles, slopes, etc. for driving, as well as various fixed and mobile actuators with which the networking can be tested. Connections to ACUDA, several control centres (e.g. Lisa von Dr.Pfau or Geutebrück) and the installation of all protocols and tools can also be carried out directly, and the experts are on site to make changes “on the fly”.

In this way, we ensure that all robotic systems, which act as part of a security network, are prepared for their tasks in the best possible way, function as planned in the operational scenario and, in the long term, will only require a minimum of maintenance.

By the way, both models will start working for the customer this month: autonomous…reliable…ready for patrolling.


Michael Engel

E-Mail: m.engel@security-robotics.de
Phone: +49 341 2569 3369

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