A comprehensive service for autonomous robots ensures that these systems operate continuously at the highest level. Regular inspections, software updates, hardware checks and effective troubleshooting are essential components of the service offering.

Regular inspections: The experts carry out regular inspections on the autonomously operating robots in order to recognise potential problems at an early stage and take preventative measures. This includes checking the hardware components, sensors, actuators and other relevant parts to ensure that everything is working properly.

Software updates: The dynamic nature of technology requires continuous adjustments and improvements to the software. The service therefore includes regular software updates to equip the autonomous systems with the latest functions, safety patches and performance improvements. This ensures that the robots are always at the cutting edge of technology.

Hardware checks: Detailed hardware checks are carried out to ensure optimum performance of the autonomous robots. This includes the evaluation of processors, memories, sensors, cameras and other hardware components. Any defects or signs of wear and tear are recognised and rectified at an early stage.

Troubleshooting: In the event of malfunctions or problems occurring, the service experts are on hand to carry out quick and efficient troubleshooting. This can be done both remotely and on site to ensure that the autonomous robots have as little downtime as possible.

A well thought-out concept therefore not only guarantees optimum performance, but also a long operational readiness and service life for the systems.