Security Robotics is an IT system house, experienced software developer and integrator in the field of robotics + AI with the following specialisations:

Innovative security robots: we deploy state-of-the-art security robots equipped with advanced sensors, cameras and intelligent algorithms. These robots ensure effective surveillance of large areas and can perform specific tasks such as patrols, inspections and hazard detection autonomously. Robots are also offered as an efficient Robot as a Service (RaaS) solution in addition to being sold.

Networked robotics systems: Our networked robotics systems enable the seamless integration of various safety components. By intelligently networking robots, sensors and software, we create a comprehensive safety infrastructure that can be flexibly customised to our customers’ requirements.

Intelligent software solutions: We develop and implement intelligent software such as ACUDA for the efficient control and integration of safety systems. This software enables precise control of robotic systems, the evaluation of real-time data and integration with other safety infrastructures and is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) concept.

Training courses: Security Robotics places great emphasis on the training of security personnel and support staff. Our training programmes cover the effective use of security robots