The conscious decision for small groups or individual training at modern academies offers a variety of advantages. The focus is on providing participants with a highly personalized learning environment. Due to the limited number of participants, each individual participant can receive more intensive care. This not only enables in-depth knowledge transfer, but also promotes an interactive exchange between the participants and the experienced trainers.

In this individual approach, participants have the opportunity to ask specific questions, contribute their own experiences and actively participate in the training process. Trainers can respond to each individual’s needs and ensure that the knowledge imparted is not just absorbed superficially, but is deeply understood.

The efficient learning process is supported by the opportunity to immediately put the knowledge learned into practice. In the practice-oriented workshops, participants can directly apply the basic theoretical knowledge and thus experience a seamless transition between theory and practice. This holistic learning approach helps participants not only accumulate knowledge, but also develop practical skills that they can use effectively in their professional activities with security and service concepts. Thus, choosing small training groups ensures that the participants are not only graduates, but also become active designers and users of the knowledge they have acquired.