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Precision at the very highest level – this is how robots are used in industry

There are industries that feel the technology shift more than others. One of these is the security industry. On the one hand, it feels it directly – through state-of-the-art technology that enables completely new methods of monitoring and controlling premises, buildings and people. On the other, through working with customers who have to change because otherwise they simply can’t keep up. The reason for this is Industry 4.0.

Brief explanation: Industry 4.0 refers to the interlinking of production and state-of-the-art information and communication technology and is also called the fourth industrial revolution. It was preceded by the first industrial revolution (mechanisation using water and steam power), the second industrial revolution (mass production thanks to assembly lines and electrical energy) and the third industrial revolution, also called the digital revolution. Here, electronics and IT were used for the first time and production was automated as much as possible.

The emergence of Security Robotics is a direct consequence of Industry 4.0. Customer demands are increasing, many formerly manual processes are not only automated and made digital, but also “intelligent” thanks to clever algorithms, faster software and state-of-the-art technology. However, Security Robotics’ claim is not to follow the trend – but to define it significantly. This is achieved with a team of highly qualified programmers who do not use technology for technology’s sake, but rather prepare, train and accompany robots tailor-made for their use. In this way, security robotics are not just nice little technical helpers in everyday business, but colleagues who take on measuring and monitoring jobs with unprecedented precision.

Thanks to ever-improving AI, areas of application include guard control, time recording down to the second, automatic reporting, the recording of errors and complaints, the simultaneous control of the same and even employee training. Smart processes lead to robotics taking over tasks on the premises as well as on and in buildings for which expensive human employees were previously deployed – although they would be more usefully employed elsewhere. Thus, the use of security robotics not only brings better measurable results, but also saves costs on the customer side.

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