Security Robotics Integration in Geutebrück Video-Management-Lösungen

The integration of autonomous robotics and the ACUDA platform into GEUTEBRUCK GmbH‘s video management solutions represents a significant step forward in the field of physical security through modern video surveillance. At a time when the digitalisation and networking of systems is becoming increasingly important, the integration of security robotics is a significant step towards user-centric, reliable real-time surveillance.

The challenges of integration

Linking different digital components requires an efficient communication chain. This should be short, fast and uncomplicated in order to minimise integration effort, infrastructure and training requirements. The aim is to increase quality and reduce costs at the same time.

Customised solution with the Geutebrück VMS

GEUTEBRUCK has more than 50 years of experience in the field of video management solutions. The systems protect areas, goods and assets, coordinate + optimise processes, identify weak points and potential sources of danger using image evaluation routines. High usability and ease of use are the hallmarks of GEUTEBRUCK’s customisable video management solutions. The functions include complete control of video streams, efficient alarm management and interactive site plans for precise positioning in complex systems, thus ensuring centralised management of all integrated VMS.

Integration of security robotics

As a central system, ACUDA (Autonomous Center of Unified Digital Actors) integrates the entire portfolio into Geutebrück’s video management solution, thereby expanding its capabilities. Robots, cameras, sensors, networked devices and IoT injectors, such as NUCRON from Security Robotics, are integrated into existing systems, such as the VMS, without the customer having to learn and understand new software, systems and interfaces. Other third-party systems can be connected via interfaces, further increasing efficiency.

Die ACUDA Plattform verbindet Aktoren und Systeme

How it works in practice

In a typical scenario, an unauthorised person is detected by the patrolling Argus security robot, which sends the alarm message with all data directly to the G-Core via the ACUDA interfaces. This system activates the security personnel and can, for example, launch a drone like Bee to clarify the incident and provide a better overview. Fence sensors, motion detectors and recognised movements can also alert robots and send them to the alarm location.

Zusammengeführte Ereignisse in einem VMS

KRITIS and the need for a rapid response

Currently, the protection of critical infrastructures (KRITIS) is becoming increasingly important and a rapid response must be ensured at these key points. The solutions provided by Geutebrück and Security Robotics help to strengthen resilience against criminal activities and promote the sustainability of critical infrastructures.

Overall, the integration of Security Robotics into Geutebrück’s video management solutions illustrates how a holistic, effective and user-friendly security solution can be realised by combining innovative technologies. This strategic approach paves the way for the future of the digital security landscape and video surveillance.


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