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In a world where security and technology are increasingly intertwined, Security Robotics’ admission to the BDSW (German Security Industry Association) marks a significant milestone. This young company, which specialises in the development and implementation of security robotics, is now joining a renowned organisation that has been setting the standards in the security industry in Germany for decades.

The BDSW: A pillar of the security industry in Germany

The BDSW is THE central institution in the German security landscape. With over 1000 member companies, it represents the majority of security service providers in Germany. The association plays a decisive role in the formulation of industry standards, the political representation of interests and the promotion of quality and professionalism in the security industry.

The importance of the BDSW cannot be overestimated. It represents the interests of its members at a political level, promotes training and further education in the security industry and makes a significant contribution to the development of norms and standards. These activities are crucial to guaranteeing and further developing the high level of security services in Germany.

The role of the BDSW in the security landscape

The BDSW plays a key role in ensuring public and private security. By working with government agencies, developing best practices and promoting innovation, the association helps the security industry keep pace with ever-changing challenges. At a time when threats are becoming increasingly complex, the work of the BDSW is essential to ensure the security of citizens and businesses in Germany.

The importance of BDSW membership

For a company like Security Robotics, membership of the BDSW is invaluable. It not only provides access to a network of professionals and industry leaders, but also the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the future of the security industry. Membership emphasises Security Robotics’ commitment to quality, professionalism and innovation in the field of security services.

Security Robotics: Pioneering work in security robotics

Security Robotics, based in Leipzig, is at the forefront of development in the field of security robotics. The company focuses on the development of robots that can be used in various security contexts – from surveillance to threat detection. By combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of security requirements, Security Robotics is pioneering a rapidly growing sector.

The future of safety:
Man and machine working hand in hand

The integration of Security Robotics into the BDSW symbolises an important step towards a future where human security experts and technological solutions work hand in hand. Robotics has the potential to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of security measures by taking over tasks that are too dangerous, too tedious or too difficult for humans.

Common goals: Safety and innovation

The addition of Security Robotics to the BDSW is more than just a formal membership; it is a partnership based on shared goals: to improve security in Germany and to advance the security industry through innovative approaches. This new chapter offers exciting opportunities for both Security Robotics and the BDSW to shape the landscape of security services.


The partnership between Security Robotics and the BDSW is a clear signal that the future of the security industry lies in the integration of technological innovation and best security practices. For Security Robotics, this membership provides a platform to bring its expertise and innovative solutions to the security industry. At the same time, BDSW benefits from the fresh perspective and technological insights that a specialist in security robotics can offer.

In a world where security challenges are becoming increasingly complex, collaboration between traditional security service providers and innovative technology companies is not only desirable, but necessary. The partnership between Security Robotics and the BDSW is a step in the right direction and a promising sign for the future of the security industry in Germany.


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