Thermal imaging security robot with AI

Equipped with a dual-spectrum PTZ camera with thermal and optical sensors that can detect people and machines from a distance of several hundred metres, even in complete darkness.

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Intelligent monitoring with great stamina

All-terrain robot for medium-sized to large sites

Your team on patrol: These wheel-driven robots are the high-endurance solution for smartly monitoring sites around the clock. The robots are also capable of covering long distances, powering up at charging stations and completing their rounds with the utmost reliability. Even after dark they reliably detect and report any irregularities using infrared and thermal imaging cameras. The robot goes on patrol autonomously, but is equally comfortable working in a team, assisted by AI algorithms and big data analysis.

Data sheet

Data sheet in German for the wheel-driven robot (Download PDF)

Technical specifications SMP Security Robot S5.2 IR Argus

Video surveillance cameras

  • Six HD panoramic cameras 1280 x 720 0.005lux
  • PTZ-Camera 752 x 582 0.01lux 36x Zoom
  • Thermal imaging camera 640 x 480 19mm


  • Distance for detection of people: daytime panoramic cameras 25m
  • Distance for detection of people: Thermal camera 320m
  • Distance for facial recognition during the day: panoramic camera 2m
  • Audio communication: IP intercom with call button, audible notification.
  • RF communication: 3/4G, Wi-Fi
  • Range: 24Km
  • Speed: 4 - 6km/h
  • IP protection: IP65
  • Operating temperature: -25°C ... +55°C
  • Weight with battery: 189kg
  • Dimensions: 1420х720х1620mm
  • Climbing angle: 15°
  • Patrol time (60% surveillance and 40% movement), standard: 12hrs.

Individual service from Security Robotics:

  • Installation / adaptation of various camera and hardware components
  • Connection to customer's own software
  • Connection / connection to the customer's own control centre
  • Programming of customised software
  • Integration of the robot on the object
  • 24/7 support for your robots


Recognisable photos of faces

up to 100 metres away



along pre-programmed routes


Relays information

Reliably reports to the connected control centre



Applicable from -25°C to 45°C


Disinfects by spraying hot mist

Surfaces, equipment, vehicles


Sufficient all-terrain capability

even on unpaved roads


Video surveillance

360-degree in panoramic view even over obstacles


Acoustic warnings

communication through an intercom system

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