The benefit of a bird’s eye view

For medium-sized to large sites, regardless of terrain

The drone system Beehive in action

Aerial monitoring is among the most effective protection methods of all. Frequent and unpredictable aerial patrols detect and report intruders or anomalies reliably and quickly – while also securing evidence thanks to intelligent video analysis. Checking on triggered alarms is a popular use of drone technology. For instance, if a sensor on a fence reports movement, a drone can be automatically dispatched to the alarm location to give clarity on the situation via live video.

Data sheet

Data sheet in German for the drone (Download PDF)

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Quick as a flash

The drone is on the scene in no time


Video recording

Even in poor visibility thanks to thermal imaging camera


Covers large areas

Reliably secures large sites from the air


Relays information

Reliably reports to the connected control centre

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