Unique in Europe: Intelligent robotics secures Erfurt logistics site

Unique in Europe: Intelligent robotics secures Erfurt logistics site

When you enter the premises of a logistics site in Erfurt, you are not only greeted by the attentive & friendly CIBORIUS security staff, you also encounter the state-of-the-art security robots SPOT® and ARGUS which, equipped with highly sensitive electronics, patrol the extensive company premises.

Your new colleague, the robot

What still astonishes visitors and is unique in Europe as a networked security solution has long since become routine for the employees working there. After initial discretion, they quickly got used to their new robot colleagues and appreciate their special abilities.

Precise + efficient + cost-effective - robotics ensures quality upgrade in the security area

ARGUS from SMP Robotics, a wheel-driven and AI-controlled model, masters recurring routines such as extended night patrols of the area, which covers more than 6 football fields, with flying colours: persevering, weather-independent and, thanks to thermal imaging cameras, even in the darkest of nights.
The somewhat smaller four-legged walking robot SPOT® from Boston Dynamics is even more flexible, can climb stairs and carry modular equipment on its back, ideal for taking measurements, identifying people or recognising objects, for example.

Both robots independently avoid unexpected obstacles on their paths and return to their planned route.


Concentrating on the essentials - robotics relieves security personnel

If an alarm occurs or the AI colleagues discover something unusual, help is called for thanks to intelligent networking. Security staff in the control centre can immediately take control of cameras, sensors and robot control and trigger the appropriate response. In practical use, this shows the advantage of an integrated solution in which permanently installed systems such as cameras or fence sensors interact with the mobile robots from Security Robotics and finally the "human component", the experts from CIBORIUS.

Robotics and security - Europe's first networked security concept in the focus of the press

On Monday, 23 May, the companies involved officially presented their innovative project. Thuringia's Minister for Economy, Science and Digital Society, Wolfgang Tiefensee, did not miss this opportunity.

During a small presentation, the concept, the technology and of course the robots themselves were introduced to the representatives of the logistics site, innovation networks, the press (print, TV, radio) and politics. The audience followed the presentation with rapt attention, looking over the "virtual shoulder" of the AI colleagues and getting a first impression of their wide range of possible applications.

Thuringia's Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Tiefensee, is impressed

After a short refreshment break, they followed the Security Robotics team outside to see ARGUS and SPOT® in action. Above all, the highly mobile SPOT®, whose behaviour is reminiscent of a dog, not only made Mr. Tiefensee take control of it himself, but also expressed his mood with a firm handshake:
"If you need support, let me know, we need innovative solutions like yours." There is nothing to add to this.

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