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The Berlin experts for robotic security solutions have developed interface software that can also easily integrate external hardware and software.

When it comes to robotic safety solutions, the integration of existing systems and components is an important issue for customers and service providers. Companies and authorities rarely start from scratch when it comes to security and property protection. In most cases, technical  components and software systems are already in place and need to be integrated into a new or higher-level security concept. In order to guarantee system reliability, the computer scientists at Security Robotics has developed its own interface software ROI (Robot Ontology Interface).

Depending on requirements, it connects end devices such as e.g. robots, sensors and cameras, but also programmes such as control centre software into an overall safety system.

Bee and tower team up

A prototype of the interface software ROI was recently presented at the Security Robotics Innovation Days. The Sunflower Labs Beehive drone system was networked with the external video tower Dussmann Security Guard (Dussmann Service) and expanded into a powerful hybrid system. The autonomous drone system consists of a drone equipped with high-resolution camera technology that can take off even in wind, rain and snow and operate non-stop for up to 15 minutes. After its excursions with an action radius of up to 300 metres, the drone automatically returns to its charging, control and steering station, where it is ready for use again after a maximum of 25 minutes charging time.

The Dussmann Security Guard video tower, equipped with several cameras, takes over the continuous monitoring of sensitive outdoor areas, such as construction sites, material storage or machine parking areas. The system was developed by Dussmann Sicherheitstechnik in 2019 and is permanently connected with Dussmann alarm reception systems certified to DIN 50518. In the event of an alarm being triggered, the sabotage-proof tower produces detailed video recordings and enables direct contact with the perpetrator by the control center personellusing an integrated intercom system. Dussmann Service uses consistently on forward-looking robot technology and, with sales of 1.6 billion euros, is the largest Group division of the globally active Dussmann Group.

ROI protects the relationship framework

The ROI interface software ensures that the communication and division of tasks between the elements functions smoothly. At the Innovation Days, the video tower detected and reported an intruding test subject, whereupon the drone ascended, flew to the scene and secured evidence. The presentation showed the visitors how seamlessly the individual systems interlock and take over exactly the tasks for which they are suitable due to their technical design and equipment.

Dream couple with connection

Since May, Security Robotics has been offering WatchDOME, an individual security concept consisting of a video tower and drone system that can also be expanded with additional components thanks to ROI. The main tasks of the integrated WatchDome security system are alarm detection and the triggering of appropriate responses to avert danger and documentation. This includes in particular

    to the control centre or the local plant security
    in the security area with real-time monitoring by the alarm control centre
    tracking suspicious persons outside the security area and secures evidence by
    means of a high-resolution camera (including real-time monitoring).

"Talking" alone is not enough

With the proprietary interface software ROI, the different components of an overall system can recognise each other and connect with each other.It is irrelevant how the respective component system processes the information internally. In order to be able to communicate with one another, only the surfaces - i.e. the "faces" of the subsystems - fit together. However, cross-border communication alone is not enough for an active security system. For this reason, ROI creates programming interfaces in addition to communication interfaces. These ensure that the subsystems not only "talk" to each other, but can also work synchronised. For example, before the video tower loses sight of the intruder, it passes him on to the surveillance drone, which in turn has to ascend in time.

Always under control

A special role is played by the so-called user interface (HMI), which enables interaction between man and machine. Despite the superior efficiency and  accuracy of robotic security systems, humans always retain ultimate control in Security Robotics. For this, it needs powerful user interfaces that allow easy and instant control of the system and ist components.

The most important user interface is the control centre, where the system-generated information converges and from where the system can be controlled by security professionals. The motto for user interfaces is: the more complex the system to be  monitored, the more user-friendly, intuitive and reliable the control must be. In this way, ROI not only provides innovative control centre programmes such as LISA from , the leading provider Dr. Pfau of customised control centre solutions), but also proven hardware components such as keyboard, mouse or joystick are integrated as control devices. Soon, user  interfaces will also be operated by speech or gestures, and in the future it will even be possible to control them by thought alone. Despite all the technical possibilities, Security Robotics always has a "hands-on mentality" and the iron principle: Safety first!

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